Why the Workplace?

Why the Workplace?

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Rom 12:2).

If we are going to see the transformation of workplaces, cities and nations it will only happen if we equip, affirm, and release believers into their callings in the marketplace. The marketplace is the place where there is real authority – authority that can change society. We will not see change come through pastors and prayer alone. It will come through those who are in places of power who are also in relationship with pastors and intercessors who can make changes.

I often receive requests from the media for interviews about the faith at work movement. One day a writer from the New York Times magazine called. After several interviews, the reporter asked me, “Can you point me to someone who can demonstrate what this looks like in a daily workplace?” I told the writer to give my friend Chuck Ripka a call. Chuck was a banker in Elk River, Minnesota who is a great example of a Christian impacting his workplace and city for Christ.

I told Chuck that the reporter would be calling him and Chuck and I immediately began praying for the writer. A few days later, Chuck called me and said the Lord was going to use this article not only for the workplace movement, but also for this writer’s life.

The writer visited Chuck and the bank for two days and attended community meetings, interviewed all the employees of the bank, and watched Chuck pray for many people at the bank.

At the end of the reporter’s visit, Chuck asked the writer if he and a friend could pray for God’s blessing on him. He agreed, and they prayed for God’s blessing on his writing skills and for the New York Times. They prayed that God would help him write the article. The writer was touched by this. Afterward, Chuck asked him about his own relationship with God, which led to him praying to receive Christ. Two weeks later, photographers came to take pictures for the article, and they too prayed to receive Christ.

When the article was published it was one of the best, most extensive and balanced articles on the faith at work movement that has been written from a secular viewpoint.

How might God use you to impact your workplace?

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