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Host a Change Agent Weekend 


Let’s face it. We are losing our culture. We are the proverbial frog in the kettle and the water is heating up … and we don’t even know it. What we hold dear will be gone if there is not a remnant willing to stand in the gap.

Our nation is moving further and further away from what has made our nation great. Our leadership is turning its back on the spiritual foundations that have made us a world power. We are quickly moving the way of Europe – a completely secular society without God being a part of the public discourse. Something must be done.

Our Hope is in God and His remnant

Our hope is in God who is faithful to respond to the prayers and obedience of His remnant people. Transformed people transform culture. It is a simple truth, but often hard to accomplish. We CAN turn things around with a small group of people. We know this from history. Henry Blackaby said he believed the only place we can hope to see change is through men and women in the workplace. That is the only place we see any leadership today. I agree.

But it starts with each of us.

The Change Agent Weekend Workshop is based upon Os Hillman’s best-selling book, Change Agent: Engaging your passion to be the one who makes a difference which has been endorsed by leaders across the country. Os has a deep passion to see leaders emerge who can cause a tipping point from the direction our nation is currently heading.

The weekend workshop helps believers become a catalyst to be salt and light in their culture. It is a life-changing Friday night and Saturday experience. It includes 7 in-depth teaching sessions by Os Hillman with discussion times and Q&A. Os has developed smaller books based on each of the core sessions that are ideal for small group studies after the workshop. Steve Fedyski, CEO of Pinnacle Forum says, “Change Agent is a book I recommend to all of our Pinnacle Partners because it provides a blueprint for culture change.”

Here are just a few comments from those who have attended. We have many more video testimonies on our website.

“All the information I received in this course was pivotal in confirming God’s call on my life. A lot of times we think we are inconsequential and that we cannot do anything to change our culture. I know that is a lie from the enemy. Being here confirmed that ‘little ole me’ can go out and make a difference in the world.”

– Sheila, Los Angeles

“After going through the Change Agent weekend I realized I had to become a ‘free agent’ before I could become a change agent.” – Scotland Alumni

During this workshop attendees will learn:

  • The life-changing processes that God uses to raise His change agents
  • Clarity on the reasons why God made you and your unique purpose
  • How to contend for your God-given destiny
  • How to hear God’s voice more clearly in your life
  • The roots of adversity and why God allows it
  • The four primary reasons people do not fulfill their God-ordained purpose
  • The 6 stages God uses to raise up His change agents
  • Understand the Joseph Calling and the process God uses to make His “Josephs”
  • How to gain freedom from hindrances to fully experience the love of the Father
  • How childhood wounds affect our ability to experience God’s love for us and how to get free from them
  • What it means to have a biblical worldview and how an understanding of this helps us fulfill God’s calling for our lives, and protect us from the enemy’s schemes
  • In-depth teaching on the 7 mountains of culture and how to be a catalyst for influence and much more.


Key Benefits from Hosting

  • New people will be exposed to your ministry through the national promotion of the event by Marketplace Leaders.
  • You will equip your people to be change agents in their workplaces and city.
  • It can be a possible income source for your organization.
  • Will fulfill God’s mandate to disciple those He entrusts to you for cultural influence.

If you are a church or a marketplace ministry group, let me encourage you to host a Change Agent weekend workshop. Here are the details of what is involved.

Marketplace Leader’s Commitment

  • We will promote the event to our database in your area.
  • We run all aspects of the event. We handle all registration online.
  • All registrations are credited against your minimum guarantee.
  • We provide a personal video you can show to your church or group and email template to send to your members.
  • Will provide a syllabus for each attendee.
  • We provide a checklist and promotional timeline to insure success.

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