About Us

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the website of Marketplace Leaders Ministries!

Our Vision
Transform leaders to transform culture

Our Mission
Marketplace Leaders is a voice and agent to create tools that inspire, teach, and connect Christian believers to resources and relationships in order to manifest the life of Christ in their workplace call.


  • Awaken and activate through teaching and training tools serving our three core audiences.
  •  To identify, train, equip and mobilize leaders in the 7 cultural mountains for cultural influence and restoration of biblical foundations in our nation.
  • To convene and host events designed to teach and train our 3 key audiences.

One of our core tools is a FREE devotional, TGIF Today God Is First, that goes out to over a quarter of a million people all over the world and by training workplace leaders to see their work as a calling and a catalyst for change through training events and other ministry events.

The links on our homepage connect you to our many services. Whether you simply want to signup to receive our free daily email devotional TGIF Today God Is First, or need mentoring in your workplace call, or want the latest in workplace resources, Marketplace Leaders has a full range of products and services to equip you to “co-labor with Christ” to see the transformation of your workplace, city, and nation for Him, to live out your faith at work. Please take time to fully review the many resources and services on our website, and contact us with any questions.  Also, I would invite you to read my “Letter to Workplace Believers.”

Our Measurable Goals

  1. To increase distribution of TGIF Today God Is First daily devotionals to as many men and women in the workplace as possible
  2. To encourage churches, businesses, and parachurch organizations to host and subscribe their members to TGIF Today God Is First daily devotionals.
  3. To develop additional resources, including teaching and training materials, to help men and women live their faith and calling in and through the workplace.
  • To break down the wall of secular versus sacred.
  • To bring revival to the workplace.
  • To help business people see their work as their calling and ministry.
  • To engage more workplace Christians in the “work of the ministry.”
  • To see the power of God manifested in the workplace.

Remember, your work IS your ministry!

Os Hillman
Marketplace Leaders