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I began writing TGIF Today God Is First in the late 90s when I was going through a difficult crisis. It was a way for me to get into the Word of God and find answers to what I was going through. Each day God would give me a scripture theme and application for what I was walking through or needed to apply in my own life. I wrote it for me, not for others. However, as I shared it with others I got feedback from them that they, too, were receiving encouragement from these simple 4 minute messages. A friend who had a website, now called, offered to share it on his website. I began to get letters from many around the world. Today it is read in 104 nations.

In order to continue to expand the readership of TGIF so many others can read and subscribe free of charge, we need financial partners to help undergird the ministry. We send over 1.5 million messages out a month. That has significant costs attached to it to manage internet servers. It requires a full-time time team to monitor all that goes with sending out the devotional each day. We now send out 4 different devotionals. By the way, if you have not seen our new devotional site please go to

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God bless you!

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Today God is First

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Jim Mezick