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TGIF 1 is our flagship devotional from Os Hillman.
Each day Os provides insight into your calling and the role adversity plays in your calling.
He provides an encouraging Word that will help you live out your work life calling daily.

TGIF1 Sunday
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TGIF 2 focuses more on the day to day Living Faith@Work whereas TGIF 1 focuses more on our worklife call in the context of adversity. Many enjoy the day to day application of God’s Word to their daily work life.

TGIF2 Sunday
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TGIF 3 is a very different type of devotional. It is written from a first-person viewpoint of our Heavenly Father speaking to a son or daughter. What would He say if you were sitting with the Father having coffee? Many people love this devotional.

Listening to the Father’s Heart Sunday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Monday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Tuesday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Wednesday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Thursday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Friday
Listening to the Father’s Heart Saturday

This Week With Os: Written on current events and day to day life sent every Wednesday and Friday.

TGIF Bookstore Insider: Special discounts, freebies and new faith at work resources. Sent twice a week.



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