When Faith Seems to Fail Us

When Faith Seems to Fail Us

“For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever hoped for something so long that your hope died? Have you ever “had faith” in something that failed you? I am sure we all have. When it happens, it makes life seem difficult. But the most difficult circumstance is when we think our God, all-powerful, all knowing, all-loving, seems to fail us.

Maybe it was a promotion at work. Maybe it was a relationship that we thought was going to work out. Maybe it was something we thought God told us about, even more than once. Maybe it was healing. Whatever the case, God is continually working behind the scenes to bring His desired result.

When our friends fail us, God stands firm. When our circumstances change, He still remains the same. When we mess up, God does never rejects us as we turn the other way. It is in the doubt that we find death. But it is in faith that we find life. The beginning of faith is hope. As hope grows, it becomes a substance. It becomes real to us. We can believe that the things Jesus said are true. His character never changes. Only our circumstances do.

It takes faith to bring to pass the desired result. It has to occur in the spiritual before it can be manifest in the natural.  If there’s something God has shown you, test it with faith. In God’s economy, the currency is faith. We test our faith by moving toward the things he has already given to us.

Let the Christ who is never changing be the one that you know to be true. His unfailing love will bring us to the hope to find all the faith we will ever need!

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