“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Matt 18:20).

My friend Rick Hereen shared a story about an encounter he had where prayer revealed an amazing insight into a business owner’s problem. “A friend who is a pastor told me that a couple within his congregation were having financial trouble in their business. He asked me if I would pray for them. I agreed. The day came for me to meet the couple. I listened to their story for a while and then suggested that we begin to pray.

I waited for a few moments until a word popped into my mind. The word was “Uriah.” I knew that Uriah was the husband of Bathsheba and that King David had had Uriah put in the front lines of a battle where there was a high likelihood that he would be killed. That is exactly what happened. Essentially David murdered Uriah so that he could take Bathsheba away from him. Wow! What did all this have to do with the couple who was seated in front of me?

I told the couple about the word that just popped into my mind. When I spoke that word, ‘Uriah,’ the wife immediately dissolved into tears. ‘Oh Lord,’ she cried, ‘I knew that you were going to make me confess all of these sins.’ She went on to describe how she had been married previously. At work she fell in love with another man (her current husband) and colluded with that man to extricate her from her marriage to her first husband. Once the first husband was out of the way (divorced not murdered), the two now in front of me were free to become husband and wife. They confessed all sorts of other sins that they had committed. In short, they didn’t have a business problem – they had a sin problem!

Most marketplace Christians are unfamiliar with prayer. The idea that prayer is two-way communication with God is new for many. Receiving answers to prayer is not just for especially gifted Christians. Hearing from God is for every believer.”*

Do you have a problem in your workplace? Ask God to show you the source of the problem.

*Rick Heeren, personal story shared with the author

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