The Handkerchief

The Handkerchief

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength” (1 Cor. 1:25).

Frank is a businessman who was flying overseas a few years ago. He had just completed a long trip and settled into his seat for a quiet return trip when the man next to him began to start up a conversation. Frank politely conversed with the man hoping it would be a brief conversation so he could rest. However, as time went on, the man began to ask more and more questions. Strangely, he seemed to be “looking for something” by the nature of his questions. Finally, the conversation turned to family and the subject of babies came up. Frank confided in the man that his daughter had been seeking to become pregnant for years without success.

The man turned to Frank and said, “That’s it! I knew there was something the Lord wanted me to press in on with you, but until you said that, I was searching and searching.” Frank did not even realize the man was a believer until that moment. “This may sound strange to you but God has given me a strange kind of gift to help barren women become pregnant. Whenever I pray for women, they get pregnant. May I ask you to do something rather unusual?” Frank continued to listen before committing to anything.

“I would like us to pray over this handkerchief. When you get back to your daughter I would like you to lay this handkerchief on your daughters belly and pray over it.” Frank was a bit taken back by the thought, but he had seen more unusual things than this in his international travels.

Frank returned to the states and a short time later arranged a time for his daughter and her husband to come by the house. Frank felt very awkward, as he knew his son-in-law would think this was foolishness. Nevertheless, Frank proceeded to explain what had happened and they laid the handkerchief on his daughter’s belly and prayed.

A few weeks passed and Frank received a phone call from his daughter. “Dad, you will never guess what has happened. I am pregnant!” she exclaimed.

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