The First Requirement of Ministry

The First Requirement of Ministry

“The priests are in mourning, those who minister before the Lord.” – Joel 1:9b

The first requirement for being used by God in the life of others is to mourn on their behalf. We must identify with their pain and suffering. Each of us must be broken for others first.

In order to be fully used by God in the workplace, we need to understand what breaks God’s heart. When we understand what breaks God’s heart, we are able to mourn on behalf of a grieving person, or a nation we are called to serve. What breaks God’s heart? When we begin to answer this question, we begin the first step to becoming instruments of change for those things that are important to God. Perhaps it is an overemphasis in our own talent and abilities, or lack of complete trust in Jesus. Perhaps it is the lack of respect for human life that leads to the killing of innocent babies. Perhaps it is the deceit and pride that often rule the workplace of commerce. Or perhaps it is the strife and divisions among His own Body that grieve Him most. When we begin to mourn over our own sins in these areas, God begins to use us as instruments of righteousness to affect these things. It was only when God let me see my own sins in the workplace and how they broke His heart that I began to be an instrument for His purposes.

Today, ask God to show you what things in your world are breaking His heart. Then see how He might want you to be the priest to affect for Him. The first step is identification with what breaks God’s heart.

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  • Drew Cooper

    I want to let you know what a blessing your ministry of emails has been in my life since Sept 2008. Since that time, I have read your devotionals everyday (only missed a few here and there). Our Heavenly Father has spoken to me in so many ways through them. One particular was on 11/21/2014, and it a big day as the company I was working for close suddenly late that morning. However, the TGIF devotional was prophetic and encouraging about what was to come later that day. Would you be able to send me all the devotionals you sent for that day. I want to capture them so I have them as a reminder of that day and celebrate it. My email is:

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