Everything Is New

Everything Is New

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” -2 Corinthians 5:17

Did you know that when Jesus died on the cross, He died to make everything new? No, really, I mean EVERYTHING?

When we’re in a tough spot and we can’t see out of it, we need to realize that there is hope, that this is not the end of the road. When we’re tried something and it didn’t work out or an obstacle got in the way, we need to know that just as surely as the sun rises that God, through Jesus Christ, has given us a “new day”.

In the Bible, there was a woman with a horrible medical condition where she bled constantly for 12 years. That is a really long time! The doctors she saw weren’t able to fix her problem, and she had spent all of her money trying to get well. I’m sure she must’ve gone through extreme doubt and hopelessness over her situation. “How will I ever get past this?” she must’ve thought. But when she heard about Jesus, she thought to herself, “I will try once more, I will go to find this man whom everyone is talking about.” She could easily have given up after 12 years. But she went anyway. “She came up behind Him and touched the edge of His cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.” (Luke 8:43-47) She was given a fresh start!

Whether old dreams, old visions, old prophecies, old habits, old ways of thinking, or relationships that seem to be taking us backward, God can redeem all the time lost in these areas. In Christ, there is no such thing as a failed try. We can begin new again.

Do you believe that EVERYTHING is new in Christ Jesus, even for your past mistakes? Believe today and trust Jesus, that all things in your life have been made new in Him, and have the faith to begin again.

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