Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

“Who despises the day of small things?” -Zechariah 4:10

Have you ever had an idea for something? Perhaps, if you’ve had an idea for a business, you’ve envisioned a beautiful tall skyscraper with shiny blue windows and your company’s name on the side. You envision 500 of your perfect smiling employees working away within the spotless facility that is, of course, owned by you and your Board of Directors, who all work together with perfect ease.

But, as of right now, you’ve just received your business license in the mail. It’s pretty much the only piece of inventory you own. And the landlord just called and your rent is late. Your mind takes a crash landing right smack into the pavement of reality.

So then, how do dreams interact with the reality of life? How can we ever hope to accomplish those things we feel that God has placed inside us? Are our dreams too lofty? Unrealistic? Too ambitious? Arrogant? Mindless? Stupid?

Joseph’s dreams were thought of as lofty and unrealistic. He was thought of as arrogant by his brothers. It took a long time for the fulfillment of his vision. But, he never stopped dreaming. And he knew that his dreams were from God, no matter what anyone said. The key is that Joseph allowed God to work His purposes in Him. He surrendered and let God use his “dreaming” ability for His purpose.

Giant Sequoias are known as the world’s largest trees. But did you know that their seeds are smaller than a sunflower seed?

Don’t be discouraged if your dream seems too grand. If the seed has been created or birthed by God, then with time, water, and care, it will grow larger than your wildest imagination.

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