I love it when God answers a prayer so directly.

Dear Friends,

Don’t you love it when God answers a prayer in a way that you know it was Him?

Two weekends ago I participated in a national conference called Impact Summit. Over 500 workplace leaders came together in Washington, DC. The event was co-sponsored with the Bible Museum, a project funded by Hobby Lobby and the Green family. You must visit the Museum when in Washington!

Several heads of workplace ministries participated in this meeting. We had a special luncheon for just the leaders on that Saturday. This is where my prayer got answered.

I have been sensing I need to host an international conference on the 7 cultural mountains in 2019. My plans include having major leaders who operate at the top of one of the 7 cultural mountains of business, government, education, family, media, arts & entertainment and the church.

My first choice for the government mountain is Dr. Ben Carson. However, I have no personal connection to Dr. Carson. So, I prepared a letter of invitation and prayed that God would allow me to connect with him at the event (He was a speaker at our event).

During the lunch meeting with other leaders we each had to introduce ourselves to the group. One man began his introduction this way: “I am with such and such ministry. However, I also represent Dr. Ben Carson….”

There was my connection!

I introduced myself to the man and gave him my personal letter of invitation for Ben Carson. He was delighted to give it to him.

Whether Carson can be my speaker is another issue. However, God did answer my prayer to find a way to give him an invitation. And to give him a gift of my signed TGIF devotional with a note of encouragement.

Everyday we try to help you and other leaders learn to walk with God in your own workplace. Recently I got this letter from one reader:

Good Morning,
I know it might be a long shot for someone to read and respond to this email. However, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your daily devotionals. I have been reading and archiving your devotionals for more than 3 years. It’s more than just your run of the mill feel good message. Your devotions challenge us all to give God our praise and release our sorrows. It sets a tone for encouragement as each of us may be battling our own war at home, at the office, with family, faux friends, loss of a loved one, or financial ruin. So again thank you for reaching countless hearts and turning their eyes upon the One who will meet their needs and love them wherever they may be in life.
God’s love and all of mine,
Sharon T.

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Os Hillman

P.S. For a donation of any size I want to send you a free download of an interview with David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby. When you become a monthly giver of any size, we will send you a monthly resource to encourage your walk with God in your work life call. Plus, you become a member of our TGIF Partner Private Facebook.    Click here to make a donation.

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