Caught vs. Taught

Caught vs. Taught

“Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” -Matthew 4:19

When I first started going to a certain church, I was struck by their emphasis on relationship.  Being a super melancholy (personality type) only child, I couldn’t wrap my head around all this relationship stuff. We were there for God, right?

But this emphasis on relationship was because they knew the Christian life was better caught than taught- meaning: you can’t really know how to do something you read out of a book. You have to be shown. Then you have to do it. Then you’ll know.

There’s nothing wrong with reading books. And there is certainly nothing wrong with reading the Bible. In fact it would be wrong not to. But the cool thing was the things the people were doing were lining up with the books I was reading about God (including the Bible). I now get my coolest revelations by hanging out with people, either by something I am saying to them that I hadn’t thought about before, or something they say to me, that may not necessarily be meant toward me.

Jesus said “Come and follow Me”. The disciples walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, ate with Jesus – they did everything with Jesus. They did life together. In this process, the disciples were able to ‘catch’ what it was Jesus was showing them. This is why it’s soooo important that our actions match our words as Christians. Verbal communication encompasses just 10% of communication. The majority of our communication lives within our actions.

There is a transfer that occurs in relationship with others who love God that shapes the course of our destiny for good.

No one should be an island. Is there someone you can think of who could help you further in your faith, or who excels at something you want in your life? Try to get around that person. Life is better caught than taught.

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