Breaks in the Armor

Breaks in the Armor

“In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.” -Ephesians 6:16

Have you ever played a video game when your immunity shield went down? All of a sudden, you get hit. Out of nowhere. And you had gotten so far too! But not only does your immunity shield go down – every hit and every punch you take now does 10 times the damage. And very quickly you die. No fun!!

But you know what? God has given us an immunity shield for this life, called faith. When we first come to Him, the shield is small, but with every revelation we receive from Him it is built up, more and more and more, until we are so strong with His truth that we are impenetrable. But, sometime holes in our choices will cause breaks in our armor, making us more vulnerable to attack. Even if we know what the right thing is to do, our humanness can often be our greatest enemy.

So, what do we do to build up our shield of faith, or repair those breaks in our armor? The first step is to confess our shortcomings, renounce them, ask for God’s forgiveness, and turn the other direction. The second is to surround ourselves with scriptures regarding the issues we face. And the third is surrounding ourselves with others who can surround us with 360 vision, and help encourage us along the way.

Do you have breaks in your armor? Ask God to help you create a shield of faith that is impenetrable.

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