It has been a joy to serve God’s people in the workplace by writing and distributing TGIF Today God Is First devotional since 1998 – 22 years!

TGIF Today God Is First messages are currently delivered 44 million times annually in 105 countries. We have calculated that it cost us about $3 per person to provide an annual subscription sent 365 days a year through our email system.

Like many non-profits, Covid has hit us hard. Many of our donors evidently have been hit hard too as our donations have dropped considerably. So, we are faced with some decisions.

There are two solutions to our downturn. First, we can glean our list by selecting those who have not opened TGIF in the last few weeks and stop sending them. This will save us money by reducing the amount of emails we send out through our email provider.

Our second option is we can continue to send out our emails daily if our readers  help us through a donation at this time. If every reader were to give $5 annually to our ministry, we could significantly expand our distribution to serve many more people like Justin.

“I read two daily emails as soon as I wake up each morning, one from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the others is yours. There have been several of yours that God put directly in front of me for a specific reason and for that I am deeply grateful.” – Justin

God also has those in the body of Christi who have actually prospered during this Covid season. If you are one of those, would you prayerfully consider making a major gift to the ministry of TGIF of $100, $500 or even $2500? That would help us so much.

Monthly donations are particularly helpful to us. If you join our TGIF Inner Circle we provide a resource to you each month in appreciation for your financial partnership. Click here to be a monthly donor.

The only way we know that TGIF is still benefitting you is if you make a donation to our work. That is God’s way of confirming our ministry. However, we do know some cannot give anything and so we continue to provide TGIF free to all.

Things are not forever, so if God does not confirm our ministry through our readers and supporters, we can know He is moving us into a new direction. God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

Thanks for listening.



Os Hillman

P.S. Count me in. I will stand with you and make a donation today.

For mail-in donations please make checks out to Marketplace Leaders, PO Box 69, Cumming, GA 30028. All gifts are tax-deductible

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