Walking Out Your Calling

Walking Out Your Calling

“When Jesus heard him, he stopped and said, ‘Tell him to come here.’ So they called the blind man. ‘Cheer up,’ they said. ‘Come on, He’s calling you!’” -Mark 10:49

Imagine spending 100% of your time doing things you were gifted and anointed to do. How awesome this would be! Perhaps this is you already, but if this is you, you are rare indeed. Experts say that just 2% of us walk in our calling – the intersection between our gifts, talents, anointing, and our calling (also called “convergence”).

In America today, more than 65% of people are unsatisfied or unhappy with their jobs.* I think one of the major reasons people are dissatisfied is that they do not see it as a calling, and they are not using the gifts and talents God put within them. So those gifts lie dormant, and people remain frustrated, unchallenged, and demotivated. This is detrimental to the individual, the other people in the company, and the company itself!

Does this sound like you? Are you dissatisfied in your work and calling?

First, we need to understand that our work is worship to God. Are you working as unto the Lord? Second, we need to sharpen the skills that are in the area of our gifting, so we can move in that direction. Is there anything you can do outside of work or school that can sharpen you in the area of your passion and move you closer toward it? Even if our goal is to do our passion 80% of the time, that is still a great goal.

God is a Master economist. He wants each of us where we will do the most good, however we are gifted. Are you walking out your calling today?

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