The Son is Always There

The Son is Always There

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Hebrews 13:5b

Have you ever seen the sun shine when it’s raining? It is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The rain pours down, with big grey drops, and showers the earth with its downpour. But, as the sun peeks through, the raindrops that fall are no longer grey. They are bright and shimmering, like little yellow stars falling from the sky. Even through the clouds and the rain, the sun is able to shine.

Often, we don’t see the sun when it’s raining. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

In life, it takes rare perspective to realize the sun is still present despite the rain. It takes an even rarer perspective still to see Jesus in the midst of our most difficult circumstances. We can see He had been in our midst in insight. The “sun” that gives light and warmth to the earth is a great reminder of God’s Son, who is always with us.

What can cloud our vision? Love of money, self-doubt, bitterness, rejection, condemnation, fear, greed; there are so many things that can cloud our vision from seeing the presence of the Son of God with us. We have to learn to break past those things that blur our vision to go to a place of faith in God. It takes faith to know our God is there – even when we can’t see Him, and especially when it appears as though the world is falling down around us.

Jesus is the Son behind the clouds. In the midst of our ‘clouds’ and rain, He is present in our time of greatest need. We have to remember to look for the light of the Son from behind the rain. He promises to ALWAYS be there, as long as we have faith in our promise in Him.

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