The Prison Song

The Prison Song

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. ” -1 John 1:9

I have a friend named Kathy. She is amazing! The day I met her, Kathy told me the most incredible story. Her story was not only engaging but also imparted such wisdom and insight.

“I was invited to sing for inmates with the prison ministry that is run by my church. I felt the Lord prompting me to accept the invitation, so I did. I had several songs prepared, but as I was driving to the prison, the Lord put ‘Amazing Grace’ on my heart to sing to the inmates, Kathy explained.

“So, following the leading of Holy Spirit, I decided I would sing ‘Amazing Grace.’ You know,” she said, “joy follows obedience and joy definitely followed what happened that day.”

“As I began the time of worship, I talked about God’s grace. I shared how I had done bad things when I was younger, like drinking and using drugs, but that I knew many of the inmates there had done much worse than that. I went on to share that no matter how big your sin, God is that much bigger.”

“I then began to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and the most amazing thing happened. The presence of God fell like rain. All of the inmates raised their hands. They were all singing, worshipping God at the top of their lungs – all two-hundred of them.”

As Kathy shared her experience with me, I began to tear up. I could visualize two hundred toughened, broken men crying out to God, worshipping Him. There is nothing more moving than seeing a grown man cry. It made me want to be involved in prison ministry!

How much do we allow ourselves to receive and be touched by God’s grace? I was definitely touched by her story, and by the picture she painted in my mind’s eye. God is so willing to forgive us, no matter what the circumstance. If we just come to Him with an open heart, reaching out for forgiveness, He is waiting, arms outstretched, faithful to forgive us and love us.

How amazing and beautiful is His grace.

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