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TGIF Radio Minute


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For years, many have enjoyed the daily email devotional messages by Os Hillman. Now available are his 90 second audio devotionals called the “TGIF Minute.” Now, in addition to TGIF Radio Minute we offer a 24 minute Faith, Work and Culture Radio Show with Os Hillman and Wayne Shepherd.

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Each professionally-recorded audio is excerpted from the popular TGIF Today God Is First daily devotional which is read daily by tens of thousands worldwide.

All 365 TGIF Minutes have been produced. They are available at no charge by radio stations for use on radio and Internet broadcasts.


Sample TGIF Minute 1

MP3 File

TGIF Minute Radio Testimonial

MP3 File

We wish to thank Bruce McKirdy at KXRA radio in Alexandria, Minnesota for his contribution to producing these spots for Marketplace Leaders. God bless you Bruce!

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Our radio programs are encoded as high quality MP3 stereo files and there are two options of downloading:

Or, click on the above links, enter your name/call letters/email… and you’re there!

Or if you prefer “true ftp access” we also offer that option. Here is the FTP info: FileZilla2 FTP site for uploading programs


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