Sharing Our Witness

Sharing Our Witness

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” -Mark 16:15

“I am convinced of one thing: at least 50 percent of all nonbelievers would receive Christ if properly approached by a trained, Spirit-filled believer who can communicate God’s love and forgiveness revealed through our Lord Jesus.” – Dr. Bill Bright

It’s super intimidating to share our faith, isn’t it? I’ve had experiences of being so nervous sharing my faith that I forget the most important pieces of my story! Plus, the stigma of appearing like a Bible beating Christian is almost unbearable.

But, what’s the alternative?

According to from a survey done in 2003, just 32% of people believe in a literal hell as in “an actual place of torment and suffering where people’s souls go after death.”* One in four adults admit they do not know where they will go when they die.

Of the findings revealed by the study, George Barna said, “Millions of Americans have redefined grace to mean that God is so eager to save people from Hell that He will change His nature and universal principles for their individual benefit.”

I heard a powerful presentation by a man named Bill Weiss who spent 23 minutes in hell through a vision the Lord had given him. His story is quite incredible. He stands as a reminder that yes, hell does exist, and the one of the main purposes for Jesus’ death on the cross is so that each and every one of us can avoid it.

We need not be afraid to share our testimony if the opportunity presents itself. We are not responsible for the outcome of someone’s decision of faith, we are merely responsible for planting the seed.


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