An important message for our TGIF subscribers

Why you’re not getting TGIF

Thanks for reaching out to us to let us know you are not receiving TGIF.

We realize many of our TGIF subscribers are not getting our devotional in their inboxes. There is a reason this is happening.

In the last 30 days Google and Yahoo have made some serious changes that require email senders to modify how they send their emails. These new policies have caused havoc in the email industry.

Their new protocol is designed to clean up the email senders who are sending spam and unwanted email that is not getting opened or even delivered. Think of it as a huge email trash can that has been piling up for years and needs to be deleted and prevent senders from continuing to fill up our inboxes.

Unfortunately, this new policy affects legitimate email ministries like us significantly. The process for conforming to their new requirements means we have to slash the number of emails we send out to 5,000 and gradually build up to our 100,000 plus email list. We can only add those subscribers back into our system gradually. Otherwise, we are branded as spammers.

We have had to hire an email specialist company in the email deliverability industry to help us navigate this situation. And they are not cheap.

By removing all of our subscribers and then gradually adding our subscribers back into the system, our emails will be delivered and opened again, and we get approved as an email authorized sender by Google and Yahoo.

You can imagine what this has done to our fundraising efforts in our ministry, our book sales and our training opportunities. They have literally tanked, making it difficult to run a financially healthy ministry.

If you would like to partner with us to help us navigate this unusual season, it would really be appreciated. Many of you have already responded to earlier emails and we are grateful for our help. You can make an online gift at this link.

If you want to continue receiving TGIF you will need to resubscribe at

Thanks for weathering the storm with us!