Finding God in the Midst

Finding God in the Midst

“Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm…” -Job 40:6

We live really busy lives. With work, school, church, social activities, hobbies and family time it becomes more and more difficult to schedule quality time with God. Even if we do have a quiet time, it’s short at the most!

On top of all of this, things happen in our lives that discourage us, and may cause us to feel troubled or want to give up on our pursuits. Perhaps we have challenges in our lives such as an illness, workplace obstacle, relational conflict, or maybe service in church has become difficult. Whatever it is, we can find God in the midst of the storm.

The point at which we say, “God, take this cup from me,” is the moment we need to push through to receive God’s blessing. It’s at this moment we need to stop and ask ourselves – what does God have for me in the midst of this? It’s the moment of maturity, of growth – it’s the moment where our strength ends and God’s begins.

In the midst of Job’s storm, after he realizes how powerful and omniscient God is, he repents for his unbelief in God’s sovereignty and says, “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.” (Job 42:3) God restored His fortunes and gave him twice what he had had before. God increased Job’s territory greatly after all of his challenges. But, Job pressed through – He got to the point of worshipping God and letting go of the outcome even in the midst of his personal devastation.

Are you encountering significant challenges right now? Have you put yourself in a place to encounter obstacles that will grow and stretch you? Often these moments are not comfortable, but we need to put God at the center of our attentions to help us through. If we are able to stand firm, God will be able to bless us with our inheritance in Him.

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