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July 17, 2024

Powerful Daily Devotions from Os Hillman

Welcome to Today God Is First: Nurturing Your Faith with Transformative Daily Devotionals

Step into a world where faith and work harmoniously blend through Today God Is First’s powerful daily devotions. Begin each day with purpose and inspiration as we offer short daily devotional guidance to help you discover and live your calling.

Os Hillman: A Beacon of Faith in the Workplace

At the forefront of Today God Is First is Os Hillman, a pioneer in integrating faith with your working life.  TGIF was birthed from a 7-year season of adversity which is probably why millions of people can relate to the messages shared by Os.

Os’s journey, from leading an advertising agency to experiencing and overcoming life-changing adversities to becoming a respected author and speaker, exemplifies his commitment to faith-driven leadership.

His work, including the influential “TGIF (Today God Is First)” devotional series and books like “The 9 to 5 Window”, “Upside of Adversity” and “The Joseph Calling” and “Change Agent” showcases his unique perspective on how faith can influence every aspect of our lives, especially our work.

“You read my mail today!” Those are the words most commonly said by readers of the three versions of TGIF.

  • TGIF 1 – Adversity & Calling: Delve into the relationship between life’s trials and your divine purpose. Os’s insights in these powerful daily devotions unravel the mysteries of faith and resilience.
  • TGIF 2 – Living Faith@Work: Discover daily applications of Biblical principles in your career. TGIF 2, a continuation of Os’s vision, offers practical, faith-based solutions for everyday workplace scenarios with powerful stories of application.
  • Listening to the Father’s Heart: Embark on a personal journey with God with these intimate daily devotionals that help you live as God’s son or daughter. They are designed to feel like a conversation with a loving Father, providing guidance and comfort.

Join Os Hillman in Becoming a Culture Shaper

Os Hillman’s impact extends beyond daily devotionals. As a speaker and leadership trainer, he has empowered countless individuals to infuse their faith into their working lives, fostering environments where faith and work coexist.

His teachings encourage individuals to see their work as a platform for ministry, transforming the marketplace into a space for spiritual growth and impact. Their brevity mixed with spiritual depth is a hallmark of TGIF.

Support Our Vision: Empower Lives through Your Generosity

Your support is vital in spreading the message of faith in the workplace. Contributions to Today God Is First ensure the continuation of these enriching and free daily devotionals.

Help us reach more people with the transformative power of integrating faith into everyday life. We have never charged to receive TGIF, but there is great cost to send out TGIF to millions in 105 nations. We can only do this through the faithful support of our TGIF partners. When you become a monthly TGIF Partner, you receive monthly benefits as member of our TGIF Inner Circle.

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TGIF 1 - Os Hillman

TGIF 1 has two main focuses:

1) Help you overcome life’s obstacles with God, and

2) Learn what it means to manifest God’s presence in the area of your calling each day.


Listening to the Father's Heart eBook (ePub format) – Os Hillman

Written from first person of a Father speaking to his son, Listening to the Father’s Heart is designed to help you grow in your relationship with your Heavenly Father and to learn to live as a son or daughter.




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