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I have never even heard a sermon on work at my local church,” said Jim Evans, a business leader in his community.

Let’s face it. Christians in the workplace don’t get much support. Even our spiritual leaders in our local churches struggle to validate our call in the workplace. So where do we go to get affirmed for our call in the work place? TGIF is one place many turn to get daily encouragement.

Os, you have been an inspiration to me during several very trying years
in business. Often, the words you were inspired to write kept me ‘in the game’.
” – Brett

Brett expresses the heart of hundreds of thousands who get up every day to face the demons in the workplace. Few have a place to turn to get encouragement to fight the good fight. I know what you go through every day. I have been there.

Let’s face it. Many times church leaders train us to do THEIR MINISTRY instead of OUR MINISTRY in the workplace. However, I believe your work IS your ministry! And I want to help you and others grow in your ability to manifest Christ in the area of your calling.

TGIF has been sent free of charge for over 21 years. We want to keep sending TGIF free of charge. The only way we can do this is by the faithful support of our readers like you.
Today we are starting our fall donor program.

Our fundraising goal for our 2019 year-end campaign is $50,000. We will be using this money to reach 30,000 new workplace believers all around the world with encouragement to see their work life as a calling. And to help them experience Christ in their daily work life to live victoriously in their workplace call.

Our cost to deliver one subscription 365 days a year is only $3.33 per subscriber. That’s the good news. You and I can impact many for very little.   However, less than 2% of our subscribers support the work financially. That is why I am reaching out to you.

Most people are shocked to learn this statistic. However, the good news is that if just 5% of our readers supported the work financially, we would be able to touch many more people and cover our operating budget for the whole year.

  • Consider a gift of $25 means you will provide TGIF to 7 new subscribers.
  • A gift of $75 means you will provide TGIF to 22 people.
  • A gift of $500 means you will provide 150 new subscribers to be touched each and every day with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

It would mean so much to us if you would become a financial partner with TGIF Today God Is First.  Monthly gifts are especially helpful to us. It allows us to better plan based on the resources we can count on each month. Monthly giving is vital to our work.   For a monthly gift of any size or a one-time gift of $500, you become part of our TGIF Inner Circle which provides a free monthly teaching gift to you each month.

We try the best we can to live within our means. Knowing what we can expect each month allows us to better plan our services to our TGIF subscribers. A monthly gift of $10, $25, or even $100 helps us tremendously. Click here to make a monthly gift.

God bless you for standing with TGIF Today God Is First.